NEET Preparation 2022: Strategy, Timetable and Important tips

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NEET 2022 Exam is one of the most difficult entrance exams in India, but it is not difficult to score well in NEET if candidates go according to an accurate strategic plan and practice. Start with the topics or subjects with maximum weightage without avoiding any topic from the syllabus. For example, NEET Biology Syllabus has the maximum weightage, so one can start their preparation from Biology. Candidates should practise solving previous years’ question papers daily and giving mock tests regularly to analyze their efficiency under the time limit.

Basic NEET Preparation Tips 2022

To prepare for one of India’s most difficult entrance exams, NEET aspirants must have a good preparation strategy to follow. Steps to prepare for NEET 2022 are given below:

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Know the syllabus:

Before making the study plan for the preparation, get the knowledge of the syllabus for the exam.

Choose the Books and material required: It is the most critical factor for any exam preparation. One can choose the books or study material that suits them, but if you ask any NEET expert, the first recommendation will be NCERT as it covers each and every topic in understandable language.

Create an attainable timetable:

Aspirants have to attend the school while preparing for the NEET. Therefore, make a proper timetable that you can follow. Make full utilization of your time. Include breaks between your studies, divide the syllabus into parts for clarification, and dedicate some time for revision.

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Figure out the subject that needs more attention:

While preparing for NEET, make yourself aware of each subject’s difficulty or subject in which you’re not strong and devote time according to that.

Make notes while reading: It’s necessary to keep track of the topics you’re studying. Making notes will help you remember things for a long time and will be useful while revising quickly.

Measure your learning and performance: Solve previous years’ question papers and give NEET mock tests on a regular basis. It will help you check your knowledge, speed, time management skills and accuracy.

NEET Preparation Tips 2022:

Subject wise

Following are the study tips for all the subjects for a thorough NET preparation

NEET Physics Preparation Tips

For physics, make sure to clear your concept of each topic.

Practice solving conceptual problems with a time limit.

Make sure to thoroughly cover all the important topics to score decently in physics theory.

As far as Problem solving questions are concerned, one must gauge the formulae first. After that, while solving the problem, check if a similar system of units is there; if not, use the conversion rules.

Maintain separate notes for formulas and revise them regularly.

NEET Chemistry Preparation Tips

NEET chemistry is considered to be the easiest and most scoring section. It consists of three parts: Physical, organic and inorganic

Pay equal attention to organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry as they can be utilised for scoring well.

Questions from physical chemistry are formula-based, so be versed with all the formulas and types of questions.

Solve numerical problems regularly.

Learn the periodic table and make precise notes for each chapter.

NEET Biology Preparation Tips

The biology portion carries the maximum weightage compared to other portions.

Biology has seen a rise in difficulty level over the past few years. So, prepare the subject accordingly.

In biology, it’s all about theory. Remember the facts, scientific names, definitions and concepts.

Be well aware of the diagrams as many questions in NEET are based on diagrams.


Perfect Time table for NEET UG 2022

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