Alert! WhatsApp Users To Soon Have This Important Feature, Check Details.

Alert! WhatsApp Users To Soon Have This Important Feature, Check Details.

WhatsApp is working hard on several new features for its users one of them is “search messages by date”. The instant messaging platform is reportedly working on this feature and will soon roll out to the public. With the launch of this feature, WhatsApp users will be able to directly jump to a chat that happened on a specific date by tapping on a new “calendar icon” in the app.

Original author(s) Brian Acton, Jan Koum
Developer(s) Meta Platforms, Will Cathcart (Head of WhatsApp)
Initial release January 2009; 13 years ago
Stable release(s)
iOS 22.13.74 / 27 June 2022; 2 months ago
Android / 29 July 2022; 47 days ago
Windows 2.2226.6 / 1 August 2022; 44 days ago
macOS 2.2222.12 / 27 June 2022; 2 months ago
Preview release(s)
Android (Beta) / July 26, 2021; 13 months ago
Written in Erlang
Operating system Android, iOS, KaiOS (There are also Mac OS, Windows and web app clients that work only when connected to the mobile app client.)
Size 178 MB (iOS)
33.85 MB (Android)
Available in 40 (iOS) and 60 (Android) languages
Type Instant messaging, VoIP
License Proprietary software with EULA
“European Region”

According to reports by WaBetaInfo that the feature was first spotted two years ago, but after testing it for a while, WhatsApp stopped the plan to launch it. “After releasing the WhatsApp beta for iOS update from TestFlight, we discovered that WhatsApp is finally planning to release the feature in the future again,”

How will the feature work on WhatsApp? 

WABetaInfo shared a screenshot to give an idea of how this update will work, once functional and released for use.

WA Beta Info shared a screenshot of this upcoming update

Use keywords to look for a message

At present, users searching for a message can do so by entering a keyword. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • (1.) Go to WhatsApp and, from the ‘Chats’ tab, scroll down to show the ‘Search’ bar.
  • (2.) In it, type the word or phrase you are looking for.
  • (3.) Tap a result to open that message in that chat.

This upcoming feature will come really handy in discovering crucial conversations or recalling the chat that took place between users or in a group on a certain date.

In case an user remembers the date of the conversation but can’t recall the texts or keywords to look for on the chat, then he or she can find the chat just by mentioning searching the date.

­WhatsApp rolls out hide online status

WhatsApp has recently announced to launch new feature that allows hiding online status to some lucky beta testers. Once the feature is available for public, they can choose among various options to toggle their privacy setting

Users just need to open WhatsApp settings> Account> Privacy and if you see “Last seen and online”, it means the feature is already available for your account. And if it’s availale, then you can choose the people that will see your last seen and online in your contact list.

However, WhatsApp hasn’t mentioned when it will release the new feature for public. They have to wait longer and keep a tab on updates for it.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp will soon stop working on some of the older iPhone devices from October 24 onwards.

WhatsApp will stop releasing support for iPhones operating on iOS 10 and iOS 11. Basically, Apple users who own iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c need to make a note of this fresh report.

WhatsApp also In July this year, the Meta-owned messaging platform banned more than 2.4 million Indian accounts


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