Optical Illusion: Can You Spot The Fourth Hand In The Image In Less Than 11 Seconds?

Optical Illusion: Can You Spot The Fourth Hand In The Image In Less Than 11 Seconds?

The optical Illusion image shared below challenges you to find the fourth person or hand in this group of friends sharing a drink together. Find the hidden friend’s arm in less than 11 seconds.

Optical Illusion: Something that is baffling the netizens these days is an optical illusion. It has become an all-time favourite pass time for many now and people wait for us to bring them a new Optical Illusion test every day. Before beginning the optical illusion image test for today, we would like to thank all our readers for their amazing responses.

Now without wasting any time check today’s optical illusion picture. Your brain would not let you see the fourth person’s hand in the image, so that is the challenge. Go fight your brains to find who is holding the fourth bottle in the image we are sharing below within the first 11 seconds of looking at it.

Optical Illusion: Look at the image

Take a look at the image below.

Now just some information for you to check the image again. There is a fourth person as well. You spotted the three people holding the bottles but did not even notice the fourth bottle and did not even imagine a fourth man’s presence there.

Fact check: There is a fourth man, a fourth arm and a fourth bottle as well. Take a look at the image again.

Optical Illusion: Analysis

There is a picture of the hikers sharing some whiskey. It is a picture that was posted online showing Patrick Delvernois, wearing an orange jacket enjoying some quality time hiking with his friends. To be precise, with his three best friends. The clip shows the group sharing some alcohol in miniature bottles after finishing the trek of Appalachians in the US.

When one sees the image for the first time, he/ she sure does not notice any extra man in the image.

Now you see the image again and try to focus on the bottles they are sharing and notice the extra bottle on the left. But who is holding it? This is where the catch is.

Many social media users are freaking out when they realise there are three arms and four bottles. No, there is nothing paranormal here. No ghost is standing holding a fourth bottle cheering his way through the group.

One user said, “My brain refuses to believe there are four people in this photo”. Another user said that he was trying to figure out the shape over Patrick’s shoulder and wondering if the fourth person is behind him. However, it is just his bag pack.

Where is the fourth person?

Let us now put this fourth-person dilemma to rest. Check the image below and find the camouflage in the picture.

Look at the bottles again and you will notice a glove-like thing on the left side of the Picture. Now notice a hand following that hand. There is the fourth camouflaged arm. Those who could spot the hand in 11 seconds have the best cognitive skills in the world.

We understand that this was a difficult one that surely made the brain exercise more than in previous optical illusion tests.

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