Personality Test Your Standing position reveals These personality traits, Check Here

Personality Test Your Standing position reveals These personality traits, Check Here

Standing Position Personality Test: Do you stand with your legs parallel to each other? Or Legs slightly apart? Or Legs Crossed? Or One Leg Forward? Men Women readers, Know what your standing position says about your personality and those of the people you know!

Standing Position Personality Test: In our previous personality tests, we explored what personality traits are revealed based on your nose shape, foot shape, finger length, sleeping position, sitting position, favorite coffee, walking style, and more. Today we are back with another personality test that reveals interesting personality traits based on your standing style. Yes, several behavioral studies have concluded that leg position reveals personality.

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Do you stand with your legs parallel to each other? Or Legs slightly apart? Or Legs Crossed? Or One Foot Forward? It would surprise you that the way we stand can reflect how we think and feel. We look into four classic ways of standing for both men and women to explore what does your standing position say about you.

What does your standing position say about your personality?

Personality Test Your Standing position

Standing Position Personality #1: Legs Parallel

If you stand with legs parallel to each other, then your personality reflects submissiveness or respect for authority. You are not a very dominant individual while talking to people. You tend to be more agreeable and a good listener. However, it does not mean that you lack knowledge or confidence when in a conversation. You surely possess tact and objectivity in your communication. Standing with legs parallel to each other also helps in calming yourself when you are feeling overly excited, scared, nervous, etc.

People standing with legs parallel to each other are also found to be having a neutral stance on a subject. They would be participating in a conversation however they do not intend to have any strong feelings or involvement in the topic being discussed. Usually, women are spotted standing with legs parallel to each other when talking to their female counterparts or when they are not interested in taking a date forward.

Standing Position Personality #2: Legs Slightly Apart

If you stand with legs slightly apart, then your personality reflects an inclination toward being authoritative and commanding. You exude confidence and assertiveness. You stand in a way that appears to be trying to take up a larger space. You are not afraid of making your presence felt among a crowd. You tend to speak your mind confidently and stand your ground too.

People standing with legs slightly apart are also found to be quite dominant in their way of communication. This standing position is considered a powerful position. Usually quite commonly found in men, though women also stand this way to signal power and dominance.

Standing Position Personality #3: One Leg Forward

If you stand with one leg forward, then your personality reflects comfort and contentment with yourself as well as your surroundings. You have a very relaxed vibe. You are living in alignment with your inner self. You live in the present moment. You wear heart on your sleeves. You openly show your feelings and emotions. You will be honest in your communication. You will keep it straightforward and express what is on your mind.

People standing with one leg forward are usually signaling a sign of interest or attraction. In a group setting, one is more likely to point their feet toward the person they find most interesting or attracted to. However, in case of disinterest in a certain setting or an urge to leave, one will most likely put one leg forward with feet pointing towards to the nearest exit.

Standing Position Personality #4: Legs Crossed

If you stand with legs crossed, then your personality reflects that you enjoy your own company more than being in a crowd. You may be defensive or protective of your emotions and feelings. At times, you could also be lacking confidence in certain situations or conversations. You can sometimes be pretty submissive too. You are not quick to mingle with strangers. You will most likely cross your legs in presence of new people coming to your group. In an elevator, you will most likely find yourself crossing your legs at the ankles when strangers get into the lift. This is not necessarily nervousness but more of being closed off to new experiences.

People standing with legs crossed at the ankles are usually slow to open up. They are pretty guarded, especially in presence of strangers or new people. However, if they cross their legs but are smiling with arms uncrossed, then they are relaxed and would like to stay but are simultaneously defensive or assessing the situation back in their mind. Such instances can be found among couples meeting for the first time. In some cases, one is also found to be crossing their legs and leaning on a wall or something for back support, this is usually to say “I am very interested in what we are talking and I would like to stay longer.” Though be mindful, that if one crosses their legs and arms both, chances are they are not feeling very positive about the conversation or the situation and would like to leave.


Did you enjoy reading about your standing position personality traits?

You might not even realize that the way you are standing is a subconscious result of your experiences and personality. However, one should note that as we evolve throughout our lives, our subconscious picks up new traits or sheds old habits. We grow as individuals, we learn new things about ourselves, and we change mindsets, hence one may also find themselves standing in a mix of two or more standing positions. One will have to dig deeper into the context of the situation, conversation, and people involved to.


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